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Cassandra, the truthteller linocut art print

Cassandra, the truthteller linocut art print


Original linocut art print inspired by Greek mythology. It features mythological figure Cassandra, who was a priestess given the gift of foresight by the god Apollo. When she refused his hand, however, Apollo put a curse on her - she would speak true prophecies, but nobody would ever believe her. This modern interpretation features her pulling a hat over her eyes and hiding her sight from the world in frustration.

  • Details

    • Original hand-pressed linocut art print, unframed
    • A4 size, approx. 210 x 297 mm, 8.3 x 11.7 inches
    • Printed on high-quality 140gsm acid free white cartridge paper, made from 80% recycled material
    • Oil based relief printing ink in bright blue
    • Open edition, all prints titled and signed
    • Prints are posted in with eco-friendly plastic-free packaging
    • I recommend framing this print in an A3 frame with a A4 mount, or a 12x14 inch frame with an 8x10 inch mount.
  • About linocut

    Linocut is a printmaking technique where designs are carved into linoleum. They are inked with a roller or brayer and then pressed onto paper, either by hand or with a printing press, to reveal the design. Due to the nature of the linoprint process, each piece will have it's own little variations and character, meaning it's unique to you.
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